How It Works

  • The goal of WikiBattle is to reach a randomly selected article.
  • When you press "Go!", you will be paired with another player.
  • You and your opponent will be dropped into a Wikipedia article which will show up in this area. Articles are randomly selected from the top 5000 most popular articles of the previous week, compiled by Andrew G. West.
  • Your Mission™: to reach the target article (then shown in the top bar) before your opponent does. You can only use the links in the articles, and you cannot use the Back button if you misclick. Your opponent will see your progress, and you will see theirs.
  • Rarely, articles may include NSFW/NSFL content (eg. ones about biology or diseases). Consider this a mild general content warning.
  • Some articles are pretty hard to find. If you haven't reached the goal in 40 seconds, a hint will show up in the top right. After another 50 seconds (90 total), you will also get a list of 25 articles that link to the target article.


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